Eyebrow Threading

Threading can make a spectacular difference to your brows. We all abuse the poor things by tweezing or –shudder- shaving them. You might be thinking that you don’t do any of that: you wax them. Well, we can tell you there’s a better way than all of that. Threading gets better results than tweezing or shaving and with less pain than waxing. It’s true! With threading you still get spectacular brows without having to endure loads of pain. Don’t believe what you might’ve heard – it really isn’t agony, trust us.We use a 100% cotton thread to tease stray hairs out by the roots, leaving your brows perfectly sculpted and gorgeously symmetrical. Whatever state your brows are in, with threading we can work magic on them. Because the hair’s taken out at the roots, the effects can last up to 5 weeks before you’ll start to notice any untidiness. At that point, you can come back in and we’ll re-shape them.

Lash Extensions

Mascara is the weapon of choice for many of us when we want to boost our natural lashes. We all wish we had darker, fuller lashes. Mascara is a bit of a messy solution to the problem and it doesn’t last longer either, does it?
Ever wish there was a more convenient way to get beautiful lashes? There is. Lash extensions! An extension is added to each lash (which is why you might see them called ‘individuals’). There’s two options for you: you can get a half-set or a full-set. It all depends on the look you’re going for and the state of natural lashes.
A half-set means that 50-60% of your lashes would be extended. This is good if you’re coming for the first time and are a bit anxious about the results. A half-set will allow you to get used to having lash extensions and see if a fuller look is what you want. It’s also a good way to go if you want a more natural look; it’s a more subtle impact.
A full-set will add as many lashes as the adult eye has: around 160 lashes for most people, give or take. This is a full-drama look. Your eyes will be totally magnified – the results are truly spectacular. Looking for totally glamorous lashes? A full-set will be perfect for you.


Our brows and lashes need a lot of maintenance to look fab. It takes a lot of time and we need to do it pretty much every day if we want to keep them looking good. Ever wish you could go without mascara just for once, or leave the brow pencil in the make-up bag? Then you should think about trying tinting for your eyelashes and eyebrows.
It’s like a kind of hair-dye for your lashes and brows. Imagine having a permanent thick, dark mascara look without the clumps or panda-eyes. Or having to painstakingly shade in your brows with shadow and strategic application of a pencil. Tinting will give you all of the awesome benefits of makeup without the inconvenience.
If you’ve got an active lifestyle and need to fight to squeeze in time to do your makeup; have to get up early for work or would just like some extra time in bed – then tinting would be perfect for you.
Get gorgeous brows and lashes for a few weeks with no fuss.