Do you think facials are just a luxury? That they’re something you might allow yourself to have once in a blue moon at a spa?
Well they might feel luxurious but facials can be a valuable part of your regular skincare routine. They’re a wonderful way to keep your skin looking at its best and to carve some time for yourself out of your busy life. At Elly’s, our facials will leave your skin looking satin smooth while being totally affordable. We think everyone deserves to look their best.
Regular facials (we’d recommend about once a month – our skin renews itself every 28 days) can help you prevent problems like breakouts, dry skin and irritation. It’s common to only pay attention to your skin when it’s acting up but maintaining it will mean never needing to worry.
Facials work by exfoliating your pores and skin. Sebum is produced by glands in your skin and is used to keep water out, keeping your skin soft. But our bodies can produce too much and that’s when we get clogged pores – causing oily skin and spots. Your skin will be cleaned as part of the facial, revealing clear and healthy skin. Facials help clear your skin of the toxins that build up as part of our everyday life, making our skin looked tired and dull.
We offer two services at Elly’s. You can opt for our half-facial which is a good choice when you want the benefit of a facial but need something that’s more of a quick refresh. Our full-facials are a deeper treatment: they’re lovely when you need some proper relaxation. We use Dermalogica products in our facials: these are created through rigorous research and are backed by scientists. We only use products that really work.