Your hair is a super important part of your look – after all, it’s there for everyone to see! We use it to make statements about personality, to enhance our appearance and just to have fun with. There’s so many possibilities when it comes to hair.
At Elly’s, we believe in helping you to get your perfect hair. Our stylists are experienced in styling and cutting hair, so you can be sure we’ll have it looking perfect. We don’t only bring experience – we think passion’s just as important and we love working with clients to develop their look. We understand that it can be a big decision to change your hair and can give you advice on what’ll suit you and how to get what you want.
Whether it’s a trim or a major change, we’re here for you. And if you’ve got a posh do coming up and you’re needing a gorgeous style we’ve got that covered.We also do treatments like hot oil treatments so you can indulge while your hair is taken care of. Not only will these treatments leave your hair looking shiny and silky, you get to feel soothed and relaxed while they work away.
We only use high quality product at Elly’s because we only want to use the best for our customers’ hair. That’s why we’re proud to use L’Oréal Professionel products. L’Oréal has years of expertise and research behind it: these products will make your hair look stunning.