Sometimes we really suffer for beauty. When it comes to doing our nails it can be a real pain. Doing nails at home can be a messy job – it always seems to get all over the finger, not just on the nail. And the area you’re doing it in. We’ve all knocked over a bottle of polish at least once. It’s so easy to smudge the polish while you’re waiting for it to dry; definitely something to do in front of the telly. Forgot using your hands for anything. Don’t even get us started on trying to do our main hand. And after all that, it chips almost as soon as the stuff’s on and it often doesn’t even last very long. Except for the last raggedy bits, which could outlast the apocalypse.
We only use the best-quality products at Elly’s because it’s important to us that you get to look fantastic. We offer Gelish and Opi nails at our salon: two fantastic brands that are world famous for giving you beautiful nails with stunning shine and colour.At Elly’s, you have a choice between our normal manicure service and a gel manicure. We’ll take great care of you when doing your nails – it’s your chance to pamper yourself and we’ll make sure you have a lovely time.


We’ll carefully shape your nails and –gently!- file them so they’re in a shape that flatters you best before buffering them. Your hands will be moisturised so your skin feels soft and hydrated and then you pick a gorgeous shade of polish to have on your nails.

Gel Nail Manicure

It’s like our usual manicure service but with gel nails. Gel nails give you a lovely glossy finish and can last around two weeks or more – without chipping!
We can also do a pedicure for you- with regular polish or gel, your choice. And you can opt for a combo service, for a fantastic price and extra pampering value.